Friday, May 1, 2009

8 more weeks

Pink ink=it is done

As of tomorrow, there will be about 8 weeks left before the little one arrive (hopefully she won't come earlier) and I have a super mess in her room right now. Granted, there is about 4-5 items that are going to be donated/garage sale in a few weeks. The bikes will be stored in someone's garage soon. But we have nothing that makes it a baby's room in that room. So here it is, the list that need to be done in the next 8 weeks.

Finish buying cloth diapers/Diaper Pail for Cloth diaper and everything else that we need for it
Prep Cloth diapers
Wash all baby clothes
Get a dresser (as in it will be moved in here soon)
Get a Crib (if that does not happen yet, we do have a pack-in-play (thanks janie and bob) now and the baby can sleep in our bed)
Get some baskets that Tori will not ruin
Hopefully get a comfy chair
nursing bras and tops
put together email/call list for after the birth
pack hospital bag

For the Cloth Diapers:
What We Needed
12 Cloth Diapers
Large Pail
1 Large Liner
1-2 Smaller Liners
4 Doubles
3 Pul Covers
Diaper Cream-Zinc Based, Organic, no Fish Oil
Spray Bottle
44-94 Cloth Wipes

What We Have

12 Indian Prefolds
2 Snappies
2 Fleece Covers
Charlie’s Soap
2 doublers
1 Medium Liner
6 Cloth Wipes
1 Pul Cover (Blueberry is a great cover because it is an all-in-one cover)
(This will be edited and changed as the list get shorter and/or longer)

Left to still do:
Sign up for more pre-natal yoga or the pre-natal water class (really liked the water class) Taking the water class
One more shower for my side of the family (invites should be out soon)
Maternity Photos (need to find the money for that)
Doula (that as well) currently finding the money
Finish cleaning out the baby/second bedroom (will be need a big car to get some of that stuff out)
Hanging up the photos/posters
Write thank you cards from first shower
Get some actual work done (instead of being sick with a sinus infection)
Attend the breast-feeding class and the CPR class.

With all this scare with the swine flu (which both my high school and middle school are close, go batavia) I am so glad my sinus infection did not turn into the swine flu. Also, good thing I do not eat pork/ham. hehehe  edit: I was not scare that I will get the swine flu but I just did not want the sinus infection to get worse so people thought I had the swine flu.

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