Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amazon Baby List

Hi All, I created a baby amazon wish list. This can be found by looking for my wish list and going to the side bar to find baby meiborg's wish list. This list is great for random gifts, birthdays and christmas. I will always try to update it. It will mainly always have books, cd's and dvd's. But when I find good toys and stuff like that I will put it on the list.

Side Story: For those following the mac saga, it started 3 months ago when I found out that my imac had a hard drive that was failing and was going to crash big time on me. So the hubby and I talked it over and once we got our tax refund, we brought a refub mac from the store. About 2-3 weeks ago, Safari would crash when I would be watching online streaming video. I really did not read that much into it because I was able to restart the browser and finish watching. Well, the day before Mother's day when I was working on the MIL gift, the computer started to crash with every application that I would open. So we spent 3 hours at the apple store on Mother's day to find out that my hard drive was corrupt. They replace it was a new 250G drive. So I brought it home to update and make sure I had the latest updates. A few days later after coming home from work, I was watching streaming video again and Safari crashed again. Actually, it crashed a few times before thursday. I went to the store to find out that they needed to do more then what they did. I had an old hard drive with a new computer. So he updated all my stuff by replacing the OS X. I left it at the store for a day to make sure it was not going to crash. He told me it was fine. On saturday, I brought the computer home, left it on all day then watched some streaming video. The computer had a big time crash. Like it did not want to even work. I asked a friend of mine who is a huge apple fan if I should go back to the store and she suggested that I go back. I did yesterday and found out that the motherboard/internal drive was broken. There was going to be nothing they could do to fix it. So they gave me a replacement computer with the updated 250G hard drive.

The moral of the story, I replace a refrab mac with 160G hard drive to a new 250G laptop. Go Me. So for the next few days I am finally going to updating this computer with pictures and I will finally post up a new belly shot.

Also, we took a First Aid/CPR class for the baby. It was a very detail class and now we know what to do for the baby.

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