Monday, May 4, 2009


Normally, I do not do a double post but I was thinking about mothers today. May 1st was the third anniversary of my grandmother passing away. Now if you know anything about me, you would know that I loved my grandmother very much and she thought the world of me. I was her first granddaughter in a long line of grandsons. She was super excited about my upcoming arrival. When my dad told my grandma about me, he told that that "she (meaning me) was perfectly healthy". My grandma did not get it and kept asking if I was a boy or a girl until finally my dad really empathises that I was a girl. She was so very excited.

This mother's day, nick and his mother will be having their first one without his grandmother and her mother. For the silver lining, his mamma will become a grandmother shortly and the circle of life will continue. It makes me think about what to do about this transitional mother's day where she is not quite a grandmother and I am not quite a mom yet. hmmm...

Also, for those who watch, did you see tonight's One Tree Hill? It was all about mothers. Quite sad in fact. It will be online by thursday afternoon if you want to catch it later.

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