Friday, May 8, 2009

What can you do?

I took breastfeeding basics last night. A lot of it was a repeat of the stuff we learned back in March from the childbirth prep class but I figure with it being May and due in about 7 weeks that refreshing on this skill might be a good thing to do. We did cover partner helpfulness and what can he do when he cannot physically feed the child. I figure I might want to apply that to everyone else as well. I know in the next few weeks, we are going to be getting calls and facebook and e-mails from our various friends and family about what can they do to help us new parents out?

Now granted, I really do not know what we will need help with when the baby comes but there are somethings that I can safely say that we could use help with. Since once the baby is born and home, my job is to eat, sleep and provide food for the baby. Nothing else. So Nick could use some help and we could just use some help.

So What Can You Do?

Help us with dinner, food related issues like grocery shopping. If you want to prepare for this, feel free to come over and look through some of our cookbooks and we will point out some of our favorite recipes. With grocery shopping, we are going to finally try peapod as well but we can always use someone to make sure we have basic items, like soymilk, cereal (since I had to run to the store this morning to get some) and other items.

Laundry, between the cloth diapers, our child's clothes and our child, we could use someone to help us with folding and putting away and doing the laundry.

Adult conversation, After that first week, I could use people just to stop by for 20 minutes or whenever just to talk to me. After nick goes back to work, it would be nice to see people and talk to them even though all conversation may be about the baby.

Hanging out with the baby while I take a shower or letting me go out by myself for 10 minutes or something like that. Or taking me and the baby out to a park and hang out.

Send out baby announcements. This will be something that someone can come over before hand to know what will need to be done after the baby gets here. You would have to order and mail them out. But we can discuss what will need to be done weeks before the baby comes.

Again, this is just a suggestion. If you have any ideas let me know. Again, we really will not know what our world is going to be after the baby comes but we will need help. Even just coming over for 5 minutes would be just nice. So do not think you have to do a lot. Also, if you do not have our contact information, please e-mail me to get our numbers

I found a link to advice and help from friends about a new baby and what can a person do?

Thought of one more thing: as from example this morning, it would be nice for people to come over and play with Tori. She will need love as well.

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