Saturday, June 13, 2009

From Babysittee to Babysitter to ????

As the due date gets closer and closer, I sit here wondering what is going to be like to be on the other side of the babysitting world. I have been babysat of course. My parents did have a life/worked. I have had a lot of babysitters over the course of my life. From Brenda to Our neighbors to Mrs. Wander (sp?) to my oldest brother. I have seen tons of different styles and people over the course of my childhood. Then I became 11 or so and started to watch other people's child. The first few years was parent downstairs and we played upstairs then it moved on to me being all by myself. I have watch tons of different families over the course of my teenage hood and young adult life. Some families divorce, moved away or just did not need my services any longer. Some families were upset letting me go as in off to college, to full-time work, etc... Some families I only babysat once and never again. Sometimes that was my choice and other times that was their. I never understood why they would drop me.

So I sit here wondering, what type of parent am I going to be? How weird is it going to be for someone to come over to my place and watch my kid or drop my kid off? I know that being out in the burbs, I have my choice of family as babysitters but at the same time, I do not want to use them all the time. I do not want that cloudy judgement when it comes to telling the child no and being but she is so cute and my niece, granddaughter etc... I feel that in the city or out here, that I would be a good judgement of character for interviewing and seeing who would be the best fit for my family. Like if we were to have to have a nanny, (since I really do have to work to pay off my student loans faster), I would make sure that the person was completely comfortable with cloth diapers (cleaning them up as well), using slings/wraps, having a more attachment parenting mindset and overall being a good person. I would check in with the word to mouth people. Since I am a word to mouth babysitter, I know that sometimes that is a really good thing.

I have already booked my first babysitter for this child. Her grandma Lee for our anniversary. I do have to admit it will be weird dropping her off or having grandma come over. I still play the role of babysitter not even 2 months ago. We will see.

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