Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hospital Tour

Today we took the tour of the hospital otherwise known as the next 2-4 days of our lives. We get our own birthing room and recovery suite. It is fancy birthing room but the recovery/family suite, we did not get to see because they were completely booked. We would suggest that if people want to come and visit to do it after the birth because you would actually have someplace to go instead of the little little waiting room that is outside the birthing center. Guest should use the South Entrance. Visiting hours are 10am-8pm.

They have all different types of techniques for the birthing room like the birthing ball and squatting bar. I am def going to be at home until it is time to be at the hospital because the nurse even suggested it for the type of birth I want to achieve. No Meds. You are more then welcome to come and support the at home labor for a while.

The birthing room has wireless access so I will be bringing my computer to send out e-mails/facebook updates. I would highly suggest if you are not a friend on facebook with me yet then request in the next couple of weeks to get the inside dirt. I might even update the blog real quick as well.

Again, we have hit the anyday now point of this pregnancy so we will see.

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