Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dylan & Riley

Dylan & Riley
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We got to go to the city today. We had bunch @ Kitch' n ' Stuff in Roscoe Village. It was good not one of my favorites but I always wanted to try it. We went to Baby Sign Language class. We learn a tons of stuff to do with Dylan. We learned the signs for "more, milk, daddy, mommy, eat, sleepy, red, goodnight, thank you, change, grandma, grandpa, the alphabet (you know to signs things above her head), play and tons of others ones" We are going to try very hard to use sign language with her on a daily basis. We will still talk to her so she can understand what we mean by squeezing our hand for Milk or other signs. I want her to use this told to help communicate with us what her wants and needs are instead of just only crying to get what she wants. Not that she is a baby that cries for anything and everything. But I want her to start early with a new language since both of her parents do not speak a foreign language. We will use the signs with her in front of her caregivers/grandparents as well so they can get into the habit of speaking to her in sign as well. I really want her to use this.

Also, i am thinking about signing up for the 4 week class in March on Wednesdays.

After the class, we went over to Mary's house for a while. Riley is getting super cute. Zach was a wild boy as ever. He is all boy if I have ever seen one. But the Peanuts were super cute and we somehow convince her to take a 1 1/2 nap in the PNP today as well. We fed her before we left and for once had a good ride home. When she wants to be, she can be super awesome baby.

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