Sunday, March 7, 2010

G Diapers Vs Gro: Or what I have learned about cloth diapering so far...

I would like to give you an update on our cloth diaper journey. I think I have might have mention that we did not have success with using covers and prefolds. It was a bad combination of things really...the weather, Charlie's Soap and horrible diaper rash that was not clearing up. About 2 weeks later, we move onto G Diapers. The diaper rash cleared up very quickly. She went from crying and mad baby all the time with the prefolds to happy, joyful baby that enjoyed diaper changes now. She loves getting naked. Anyone can attest that my baby loves her g diapers. Since, we were off "cloth", the G's were the perfect comprise to cloth. It would biodegrade by 150 days. I feel really good about using them.

One of the things that I love the most about cloth diapering is the colors. I love the different colors that are on the covers. I can put her in a black one day or a pink one the next. I love that I can just switch them out very easily. All the ones in the picture above are the medium size which is from 13-28lbs. That is a really long time. I kinda weighted her this afternoon at the Children's Museum and she is at 18lbs roughly. So 10 more pounds could be 6 months from now. I started putting her in the mediums in September at about 3 months. I love that she will be in all these fun colors for a long time. Also, I do not have to keep buy diapers like some of my counterparts that are always worrying about the next diaper size.

Okay, now you must be thinking there must be some cons to your lovely cloth diapers. One thing would be that we are using biodegradable. I would have prefer to use cloth but again at the time, we did not know about Gro. We did just buy cloth inserts for our G's. They are in the dyer right now so I will tell you how that goes. i really do not like making the extra trips to the trash can. We did try to flush just the poopy ones but that really clog up the toilet so again more trash. But since you are really not suppose to throw away poop, we take it and flush that down the toilet. There are leaks with G. I am not going to lie but most of the time it is human error. We just did not change her diaper within 2 hours. But it will happen to every type of diaper in some form or another either human error or the bad quality. Also, we were having problems with overnight leaking but we fixed that by doubling up the inserts. We got it to work.

I love our G's but I have found a new love for a diaper called Gro...tune in tomorrow for Gro

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