Wednesday, March 10, 2010

G Diapers Vs Gro: Or what I have learned about cloth diapering so far...Part 2

I know the wait was killing you so here it is...

Believe it or not, Nick is the one that wanted to go back to using cloth diapers. I was happy with the status quote, g diapers. We walked into the cloth diaper store in Naperville. Granted, I love walking to into cloth diapers stores because the diapers are so super cute. Well, we heard that this one opened quite recently at the time roughly mid August. We were looking around the store and the owner asked us if we cloth diapered. We told that we did in the first two weeks with prefolds and some bumgenius but we mainly use g diapers. Then we ended up telling her the whole story about the diaper rash and so on. She told us that Charlie's Soap has been known to cause a reaction to babies with sensitive skin. Which was the very same reason why we brought it in the first place. She also told us that her pee could be acidic. Then she told us about the wonderful product of Gro diapers which had the same concept of g diapers but cloth is their main component while biosoakers were for traveling.

Gro is made out of organic cotton not mircofleece which is the lining in bumgenius. She told us if we ever wanted to give cloth a try that would be the best bet. A short time after, I walked into the store ready to commit to using Gro diapers and asked how I could salvage the bumgenius that we already had in our stash. She told me to strip them down with Dawn and then we could wash them with 7th Gen. (7th Gen is what we use to wash our clothes.) So I gave it a shot in about October. I was super worried about Dylan getting diaper rash so I was extra careful to make sure it would be successful this time. Well, she ended up getting diaper rash. I went back to the store in a panic because I was so sure this time it would not be the case. We broke it down to trying all Gro one day, wash, use a day of G then use bumgenius. The bumgenius caused the rash. It was the mircofleece lining.

We move on to using Gro all the time while at home. Unlike G diapers where there is a liner that holds the biosoakers, Gro has snap in liner. All you have to do is snap it in and out. Very easy. It takes much less time to change her using Gro then using G and now that she is rolling around, I like the less time. BUT G is very helpful for the rolling phase because the velcro extends to the back of the diaper. The shell is very breathable which helps cut down on diaper rash (to like no rash for months). The shells colors are very vibrant. This makes them 10 times cuter plus they don't get super wet when they leak.

The cons to these wonderful diapers are the biosaokers. At first, there is sticky tabs on the back of the soakers. It is nothing but a pain in the butt to peel off the diaper. So I read some helpful hints from their facebook page and they said that you can just place them inside the shell. That does work. But another con is the soakers leak way more often then the G's. They will leak not even two hours later. But honestly, those are our only cons. We just discuss it. We have far more cons with G then Gro.

We like both diapers. They both have their pros and cons. If we were to do this all over again, say a second child, we would use Gro as our main one. G would be for overnight's and traveling. I do have to say that the first picture does not reflect our current Gro stash. I brought 4 more styles because they were super cheap.

(In both post, I was not contacted by any of these companies to talk about their products. This was just a friendly neighborhood cloth diaper post)

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