Friday, March 19, 2010

Slow down...

With Dylan being sick this week, it forces me to slow down. We are always so busy little bees. We are off to class (sign language) and playgroups. We are always getting errands done because Daddy doesn't like to do them during the weekend. We are always going and going. But this past week, we were forced to slow down. Dylan had been sick. Monday & Tuesday were the hardest because she was just so sad. You really felt bad for her pink circles under her eyes and constant runny nose. Her cough just made you ache in your chest. We had the humidifier on all week and during naps. It made me have to be around the apartment so she could get a decent nap in. We went to the doctor yesterday to discover that she had a double ear infection due to this cold. You had to just feel bad for her. But that's good to slow down every so often. We got to spend some quality time together.

But hopefully, next week, everything will be full speed ahead. She is already feeling so much better.

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