Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daddy's First Trip to the Park

I could not believe it either. How in all this time, living right next to a park mind you, that Nick has not taken Dylan to the park? How? It's not like every single weekend he has with little miss fussy pant who did not want to take a nap hence why we ended up at the park. I blame Grandma LeeLee. Nick says that they always have better things to do rather then going to the park. Now, I admit since Dylan really cannot do anything other then the swing or play in the gross sandbox, there is no really thrill to go to the park. But in a case like today, my no napping child loved being outside with both her mommy and her daddy, imagine that!

The best part about Nick working from home today!!

Also, we went out for dinner tonight by the time we got home, Dylan had fallen asleep in the car seat. We took her upstair, still asleep. Nick changed her clothes and diaper all while still asleep. He placed her in the bed. She remain still dead asleep. I guess someone should not be skipping naps yet.

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