Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Case You Missed it....

On Sunday, we made a little announcement among our family members and it goes a little something like this...

I was going to wear this shirt on Sunday with Dylan's Shirt but it did not arrive in time. It is so funny. I always thought about getting one of those due in "blank" shirts with Dylan so it would be "due in June" but it cost far too much money. It still costed an arm and leg but I was hoping to include it in the surprise. But, yes, I am pregnant with #2. It is due in December. I am about 9 weeks now. We are not going back to the OB/GYN and going to see a midwife, Hillary Kieser . We are having a home birth as well. This time it would be less stressful more peaceful and very relaxing. I am hoping for nothing but the best with this pregnancy and birth.

In the meantime, I will be reading home birthing stories like crazy. Talking to everyone and their brother about their home births. It is all very exciting. Speaking of exciting, we are going to let the baby's gender be a surprise. We are currently roaming the Chicagoland area for awesome non gender specific clothing. We believe that we mainly will having to go organic and shop locally, mainly Chicago. There is an awesome store called, Green Genes that we will be purchasing the majority of all our stuff. Also, the baby will be coming before Christmas so it will get everyone some time to get gendered outfits. We will have to get all new clothes since this baby will be born in the dead of winter instead of the summer. You live and learn.

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