Thursday, August 19, 2010

library junkies

We have been total library junkies lately. I can't tell you how many times in the past few weeks we have been to the Nichols or 95th street library. I had a plan this week to do a whole reading/book theme for the week with the relaunch of my Barefoot Book business but I never got around to creating the fan page in facebook for it yet. I have been such the slacker as of late that I have no real excuse for it.

Some of the books we have been checking out were Ladybug Girl series, Mo Willim books, Little Hoot & Little Owik. Also, don't forget the Spot books. Also, I have been checking into Toddler books before I commit to buying them. I do have to say that Naperville's library is lacking in the whole gentle/positive discipline/parenting type of books. I would prefer to look at these books as a preventive measure to make sure that I do not have a unruly toddler on my hands in a few months.

I most likely will be purchasing them tomorrow when I get paid. Oh money...

On another note, we have learned that Dylan really doesn't like chlorine on her bottom. We went swimming about 5 or 6 times in a 5 day period last week and by sunday, she came down with a horrible rash on her bottom. As far as we know of there were not any other factors that cause it and the last time that happened, she was taking swim lessons. We are really going to have to limit her pool time in the future. Poor baby. But I have to admit this is when I love G Diapers!!! Her little bum is clearing up so fast with a little Angel Baby Earth Mama diaper cream. She should be healed pretty soon.

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