Sunday, December 28, 2008

A True Update

As I promised, here is the update of how the pregnancy has been for the last three months since we have kept the entire thing a secret. So we had no real intention of getting pregnant at first. We had decide that for the first time in four years that we were going to enjoy the time of being married. So we decided to go with the flow of things and let things happen as they should happen. We were not not trying to get pregnant, to make things clear. During the honeymoon, I was getting the feeling that we might have gotten pregnant because I really was not feeling all that well. Well, actually, I was starting to not feel so hot after we got married but I have heard that is quite common due to all the stress and planning of a wedding. As for all those who have not gotten married, I would highly recommend that you wait a week in-between the wedding and honeymoon because you will be able to enjoy the honeymoon more.

So we came home to discover on Oct 21 @ 6:30, we were going to become parents.

The pictures are bit on the blurry side but we want to record this life changing moment. We were def. surprise. We were not expecting it to happen so soon but I shortly realize that I have a super fertile family. I call my ob/gyn so make the first app. and we were going to find out. So I want to make it clear that we have a book about raising your baby green, what to expect when you are expecting and week by week: your pregnancy. Just so I do not get these book again. So I let my boss know and two other women at the playroom know about the baby, just so I had someone who had been there help me and answer any questions.

My mom was the next one to know due to the fact that my mom and I spent the entire day together shortly afterwards. Plus it is my mom and I want to know what it had been like for her and her pregnancies. I figure since I am so much like my mom physically, that I might have some of the same pregnancy issues. The big one was that she did not start showing until her 6th month with the few two so I figure that might just happen to me due to being really tiny anyway. Then my sister was the next one to find out because she tricked it out of me. We were hanging out at the outlet mall due to her getting fired the day before and I wanted to cheer her up. So she was making vague references to things that my mom was saying over the weekend and before I knew it, I had told her. Stupid me. So I made both of them promise that they would not tell a soul until Christmas.

The reasons why we kept the information a secret for about 3 months. First off, I was going to be hitting the 2nd trimester at Christmas anyway so the rest of the families would be able to find out at a good time. Second, Nick and I wanted to make some of the more bigger decisions without the pressure that would come with them ie: moving, the baby shower, finding out the gender, and other stuff. We wanted to get use to the idea of being parents because we just wanted time to adjust before everyone else would find out. Lastly, we figure it would be a great Christmas gift for everyone due to babies make everything better with how the year has been.

Okay, now the doctor appointments, we have had two of them. Nick came the first one where we saw the baby. There is a ultrasound that I will post next, I just don't have it uploaded on the computer yet. So I promise I will post it. It was very cool to see the baby's little heartbeat. I thought I would not be able to see the baby at all but it is completely different when it is your own. The second appointment I went by myself due to nick not getting enough sleep the night before. Also, the next appointment was right after the stomach flu. In this appointment, I was able to hear the heartbeat. It was beating at 160 beats per minute. That was really nice. So hopefully, I will get to see the baby moving and a little bit bigger in the next one.

The last big thing, I will be commenting on would be Christmas and telling everyone. It was very fun and exciting for us. We loved my father telling nick, "good job". Lee just being in overwhelming shock and happiness. Charles is very excited to be an uncle, he posted about it twice in his own blog. Bob was just shock and Janie very super happy. It was very fun for us. Though we did talk about how fun it would be to be flies on people's walls when the new sunk in. We told most of our friends on Saturday night and for the most part they were just as shock and happy as our families. Grant there are more people we have told like David, Kris and Jerry plus other friends that we need to see soon.

But this blog is going to be the place to find out about the baby and the pregnancy. We are going to keep an updated list of things to get the baby and the limits of toys/presents that the baby will be getting. QUALITY over QUANTITY: like wooden toys and stuff that is less likely to have a lead recall on it. We will be posting the pictures and videos of the baby. Giving our recommendations and rules about the baby and stuff like that. We just want our child to realize the impact that they are making on the world. Our kid is going to be so much smarter then us and we want him/her to be smarter then us. That is it for now. I am going to try to post every couple of days and such.

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