Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dry Skin and Acne

So I am a big time suffer of the dry skin and the pregnancy acne. My skin needs to come off and start anew because it hurts so much sometime to cross my arms or bend over. I have gotten a really nice lotion that has been helping. L'occitane: Shea Butter Body Lotion. Which if the weather was not so freaking cold and dry out then the lotion would be enough BUT no, we have to be going through one of the worst winters ever when I am pregnant. So I got some other solutions to my dry skin. I went over to Lush to pick up some bath bombs and message bars. I got: (Bath Bombs) Butterball & Haagenbath (Bath Melts) Floating Island & (Message Bars), Therapy & Nutts. On friday after I got home from Lunafest, we tried the Therapy Message Bar and it worked wonders. I woke up the next morning and my back was not nearly cracking as much as it was when I woke up on Friday morning. So I am going to try one of the baths bombs tonight to see how it will make me feel.

Well, after I took a shower on Saturday morning, I discover all the acne that seem to pop up out of nowhere on my back. Now for a while, I have been realizing that I was getting random pimples on various places on my body. But I did not realize that my back was a playground of acne. Leave it to me, the person who never fully recover from teenage acne, will now have adult pregnancy acne as well. My only hope that after the baby that my acne will go away for good.

Update on the books we have gotten: Baby Bargains, Itsabelly's guide to going green with baby, The Baby's Owner Manual, The Toddler's Owner Manual (we got both of them for 8 buck all together, good deal), and The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood (again got it for 4 bucks).

We do have plans to go green with the baby so look to this blog for my reasons why we are moving beyond the big box stores and trying to raise our child to be as earth friendly as possible.

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