Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Classes Yesterday

We had double child birth classes yesterday. We went to a cloth diaper class which I will give its own update and review about later today or tomorrow. We went to our weekly Childbirth prep class. Last night we mainly talked about partner support and watch "The Business of Being Born". I love this documentary because it really opens your eyes to how much the insurance companies and doctors really do not care about women. Now, I am not saying all doctors do not care about women but a good chuck of them do not. It is really sad that we do not have more midwives and they are not treated with proper respect. In my ideal world, we would have enough money to have a midwife/home birth. But so much of that would depend on cost. Since insurance companies do not really cover midwives or they fight with you about it, you would need so much of that money up front and hope that you will be reimburse later. Also, if we would not moving, we could have talked about it more freely but at last we are moving and I really do not want to deal with it right now. BUT IF (big if) we do have a second child and are living somewhere that we are not going to move and had the money and midwives were more legal then we would totally go that route.

Anyway, the moral of the story is check out this documentary because it is just awesome. Now my second point of the post would be partner support. The more I think about it, the more I would like to have a doula to be present at the birth. Being a rape advocate, I have come to realize that it is really nice to have someone who is not tie to you emotionally in the room with you. They are not going to flip out or be scare for you like someone who has emotion ties to you. Also, I would like to have Nick have some support so he does not feel like he needs to be everything to me and he can be able to check out if he needs to. Birthing and labor do not need to be a big circus. Between myself, Nick and the Doula, I would think that we would have our birth plan cover so everyone is on the same page and we will know who to ask for what and when. I think it will all be fine and in a orderly fashion for the most part. It would be like the wedding, I really had a loose plan going into it but everything worked out and nobody felt overly rushed. Or at least I did not feel overly rushed, bored maybe but not rushed. Bored would be pre ceremony in which I was left alone for a good majority of it. It was just me and the photographer and he was taking pictures of the things I asked him to. Hence, the labor will have my hubby and a doula so I am not alone.

Cloth diapers are coming next plus a 22 week picture. :)

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