Thursday, February 12, 2009

FAQ Part 1

So I figure I should have a FAQ section right about now. I have gotten some repeat questions and I would like to share my/our answers for them.

Are you taking Lamaze Classes?
No, Pregnancy and Labor have come a long way since the days of Lamaze and the hehehoo breathing. I have mention this before but we are taking Childbirth Prep classes and in this class we will learn about comfort techniques to calm myself. Nick is mainly learning ways to be a better birthing partner and be able to be there for me. Pre-Natal Yoga will be helping with learning how to breathe and ways to stretch out my body pre-labor or in other words prepare my body for labor. We realize that hospitals charge a lot for having a baby and we would like to try to prevent as much additional cost as possible. Also, if the class shows up before we have the baby, Be By Baby is offer a comfort measures class that will refresh our memories for the labor and learn new techniques.

Have you picked out any names yet?
Yes and No. We have ideas but no for sure solid names. First off, we would like to keep our names private because we know how critical some people can get with names. We do not want to be totally inlove with a name then tell people to have them find out something wrong about it or they do not like it. We have our own disagreements about the names and idea. Like I like this one name but Nick did not like the nicknames that came with it. We have to like all the nicknames that will come with the name. Also, we would like to see what the child will look like before giving her a name. What if she does not look like a so-so but we really like the name.

Are you moving out of the city?
Yes, we cannot afford to live here anymore. I have lost my job twice in 6-7 months so our savings is nearly destroy. We can have my mom watch our child while we both work and it will be a lot cheaper then daycare. We will be living off a metra stop so there should be no excuses for us to go to the city and city people to come visit us.

So more to come later as we get ask these questions over and over.


  1. Will you be opting for a natural home childbirth? I'm only asking because I saw a documentary on home births in my child development class and I thought it was interesting. It had Ricki Lake in it.

  2. you know, I would prefer to but our lease is up when the baby comes. Actually, we need to call our landlord to see if we can move up our lease. But I have seen that documentary to, The Business of Being Born. I am going to be seeing it again in a week for my childbirth prep class. Also, midwives are not exactly legal in Illinois. Or I would have prefer a birthing center that had all the qualities of a homebirth but the hospital would be right around the corner if anything were to go wrong.