Monday, February 16, 2009

More Baby Registries

So we register at two more place today to get more of the fun items. We registry at due to a really cute Dr. Suess bedding. So honestly, the bedding and a few toys and the storage baskets are all the things we would like from PBK. The list is not very long at all. Then we register at because it has a great children's music selection and the cloth diapers and the slings. So mainly from the two registries we pick today, would be to get more of the fun kid items. We would hope that people would just get the few select items because they are fun. Also, in terms of the toys, we wanted to give people ideas for Chirstmas and other random gifts. So we are not really expecting much from them other then the mention items.

We may or may not be moving out by the end of May. Our landlord wants to think about it due to be able to rent out our current place. Grr..this one will be a fight. Also, since we are giving her enough notice for the issue she would be able to have enough time to rent this place out and this should be her problem not ours. UPDATE: She will be letting us out at May 31 so we should have no problem. Then we are going to be having a shower the following weekend for the baby since we will already be moved into our new place.

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