Monday, February 2, 2009

Lazy Monday Update

As one of my last post, I was talking about my acne and dry skin well upon further detail look, it would seem that I really do not have a lot of back acne, it would be more of skin cracking. My sides, shoulders, upper back and other random parts of my body have crack to make it look all red and blotchy. So if I do not put lotion on right away then my skin gets really dry and it is quite visible to people. So I have try the lush message bars and it is the only thing so far that calms down my skin. Now if anyone has any other suggestions then I would be more then happy to hear them. But here is the thing, my skin is really sensitive and the stuff I have been using has shea butter and other thick type lotions as well.

I made a baby registry at BuyBuyBaby.
I really like that store and Babies R Us just seem not that helpful. Everytime, I walk into BRU, it would seem that nobody is around to help you and they just are really focus on clothes. BBB has a more diverse selection of products and people that really took the time to help you with your questions. They are always coming up to you and asking if you need help or trying to see if you need help. Kaysie and I really like hanging out there to get all the stuff for the baby. So i do not know what other registries I am going to be setting up. I want to set-up one that is more green friendly products like cloth diapers and slings. But the one I would really want to set one up at is in chicago so I will have to find an online solution. Also, I realize that the registry is not complete. We do not have safety stuff due to not knowing where we are going to live next summer so we do not know the measurements of the door frames and what the cabinets look like or stuff like that. But once we do figure out where we are going to be living, we will be adding those items. Also, I did not put a breast pump on the registry because I am going to rent one from the hospital first. I want to know what I like about it before someone buys it.

Childbirth Prep Class:

Without a doubt, we were the youngest age and youngest pregnancy there last night. We were the only couple due in June, almost everyone else is due in April and a few in May. It was funny, we ended up telling people that the reason why we were taking the class so early was due to moving when our kid is born. Almost everyone realize that we were being smart about taking the class so early. But only in Chicago, you can see such a diverse group of people/couples and birthing plans. There were about 8 couples and we were one of out 4 white couples. And we were about 1 out 3 couples that were seeing a doctor. It was nice to see such diversity.

So the class last night was about how the western world saw birthing and labor in the media and culture. It was fun to poke fun at the media portrayal of women because real birth does not always happen that way. We got the history of birth as well. The documentary "The Business of Being Born" does a great job of explaining the history of birth so I already knew most of the information she was talking about. But it was nice to talk in detail about when things were introduced into western medicine and how popular culture does play a big influence of the birth. As for example, the 90's celebs were doing schedule C-sections so the rest of the world started doing C-section and same goes for natural birth in the 00's. Also, we watched a water birth and discover some comfort measures that will be use for the labor. So I will give updates about the classes so you all know what we are learning about. That is all.

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