Friday, February 6, 2009

Gilmore Girls

Well, after treating myself to a movie "He's just not that into you", I came home to watch the 4:00 eps of Gilmore Girls. It was about Sherry's baby shower now if you follow GG you know that eps, if not, Lorelei and Rory were invited to Rory's dad's girlfriend's baby shower. Well, Rory was and Lorelei was force to come inside. Anyway, the shower was pretty interesting because Sherry tells everyone that she really does not want to have the baby and is only going along with it because that is what Rory's dad wants. But there were other part of the shower that I found funny because it is so trendy. Green is the new pink and schedule c-sections are the way of life. I knew that schedule c-sections were very popular for a while because the stars were doing it but it was funny to see it played out on a T.V. show. But Green being the new pink. come on, as a pregnant one, green could never pass as the new pink due to the amount of stuff that is made for little girls in pink. Maybe later in life, little girl clothes become more diverse but as a baby, please.

Which is funny because I was talking to MIL yesterday and she was telling me that if we find out that we are having a girl that we are going to have a house full of pink. Now granted I really do like pink and at one point it really was my fav. color but as being a grow-up, I like more then just pink now.

i wrote the majority of this entry yesterday and now I can't remember what i was writing about and what my train of thoughts were. oh well. enjoy. I am posting it on Saturday.

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