Monday, March 2, 2009

Change old habits

I am very proud to say that I am changing old habits. I am going with cloth diapers for the baby so why don't I go with cloth menstrual pads for myself as well. So we are changing our habits and going green one step at a time.

Speaking of going green, I rediscover my love for I forgot how creative people get out there. I wish that if people would like to get me or the baby some different and creative, please check out I found cute slings, booties, burp cloths and clothes. There is something for everyone and you are helping out a local artist or a DIY SAHM. you never know who you are helping out but you are putting money back in to a local economy that is ten times healthier then putting it back into the big system. So please check them out for christmas, birthday and other random presents. Remember, we got your wedding gifts from sellers on Thanks.

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