Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cloth Diapers

Last Sunday, we took a class about cloth diapers because we would like to save the environment and lower our cost with buying diapers. But cloth diapers are so much more then that. The baby will feel healthy around their bottom so not as many diaper rashes and so on. Also, the teacher told us to compare a human adult to wearing plastic underwear for 3 years and see how comfortable you will feel after that. Potty training should be easier because they will notice the wet and poopy diapers that they are sitting in and want to do something about it. Plus they will potty training up to 6 months earlier then the average. Plus, she just loved cloth diapering because it was easy and fun. So cute as well. Diapers today are not your momma's diapers.

We learn that going out and about should not change with diaper changes. We should do the diaper change as normal then throw the dirty diaper into our wet bag and take care of it when we get home. Also, same would go with our child being babysat by a friend or family member. They should take the wet cloth (water is fine), wipe the bottom then take the dirty diaper into the wet bag and put on a fresh one. We will go over the diaper routine with family members before they watch our little one. For diaper cream/diaper rash, there should be a protective barrier to the diaper and the bottom to make sure the cream does not touch the diaper. Also, if they wake up all red that we should let them run around for an hour to see if the redness clears up before the diaper change.

The really bad diaper rash might have been from anything and if our child gets that, then we are going to be using g diapers for the disposables.

The different types of diapers are: prefolds, fitted, contour, pocket diapers, and all in one. We are going to be using a mixture of all of them because the diapers are cute and fun. Prefolds are the same type that was used on us or 20-30 years ago. For example: Next is Fitted Diapers that would be hugging the child and you would not have to do any folding but just put the diaper on then the cover and go. and lastly there are contour diapers that I just do not know that much about due to not have an example in class to show us. But she recommended for newborns that prefolds and fitted diapers were the best. Also, with this diapers you would need a cover for them. It would just protect from leakage and other joys like that.

Next would be Pocket Diapers that have a little pocket inside of them to have the leakage contain the leakage. You can put almost anything in there if you need a temporary solution to the issue. But these diapers are great for overnights. You can put a doubler in the diaper so the diaper will last up to 12 hours instead of 3 to 4 hours with just a regular insert. For example: Lastly, there are all in one that are great because they look like a real diaper that even the most low tech cloth diaper user can use so people who are not using cloth diapers or just don't know anything about them. They have liners already in them and cannot be taken out. These diapers are popular with people who want to cloth diaper but do not want to do anything else with them. For example:

To Prep the prefolds, they need to be washed 5 times and dried 5 times to get out any natural wax. This is for unbleached diapers and that would be the only ones that we would use. Or you can boil them for 20 minutes in a big pot. No detergent when prepping the diapers. PUL is a great fabric that most of the covers are made from and great for long car trips. Fleece would be the other fabric for covers that are great for overnights. Doubler are use for overnights because it makes the diaper last 12 hours and hemp is the better option for them.

How many diapers and What do you need for cloth diapering:

12 diapers for a newborn per day x 2 = 24 diapers for a newborn for 2 days worth (combo of prefolds and fitted)
3 covers for prefold/fitted per day x 2 = 6-9 covers for a newborn for 2 days
6 doublers for a 2 day period

6-8 diapers a day for 6 months and up
5-6 diapers a day for 2 years and up

We would need a diaper pail that locks shut, a liner with PUL fabric and a few wet bags for laying around the house and for the diaper bag.

4 sets of Snappies to hold the prefold closed.

a Diaper Sprayer for the toilet (Mini-Shower or Bumgenuis sell them)

Non-Residue Laundry Detergent for washing the diapers (Charlies's Alaen's)

50-100 cloth wipes and Spray Bottle (less then 6 months use water and after 6 months add a drop of baby wash with tree oil)

Diaper cream should have zinc based, organic and no fish oil.

For more questions just ask. The links were example by no means you have to purchase the items from them.

Here is a list of Links that would provide further information about cloth diapering.
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