Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Glucose Screening

It is standard for 24-28 week pregnant women to get a glucose screening for diabetes. So my doctor gave me my paperwork last friday and told me to get it done sometime before my next appointment. I HATE 12 hour fasting so I got it done yesterday and screw up my entire eating/sleeping schedule. Well, my doc called this morning with bad news. I have failed my test. They were looking for a score under 140 and my results came it at 142. Just my luck right. I am always a borderline person. I am borderline anemic and have allergy systems but no actual allergies. So I have to be retested with a 3 hr glucose tolerance screening test sometime soon. It will determine that I either have gestational diabetes or my body just hates me. The paper work is being sent to me right now so we will see...

Side note, I am not going to be posting anymore pictures until I get a new computer due to not wanting it to crash on me. Pictures of the last few weeks will be coming next week.

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