Monday, March 16, 2009

Pregnancy Dreams Again

So here is the update on weird pregnancy dreams again. Friday night, I had two dreams that scared the crap out of me. The first dream, I had gone into early labor with severe cramps and threw up raw chicken. I woke up quite freaked out and scared so it took me a while to fall asleep. The second dream was about someone in Nick's family dying (mainly his mom's dad) and nick telling me that death was normal or something that we all have to go through.

Saturday morning, I woke up and got ready for training. I was about to take a shower when I heard someone coughing up something. I turned around to find Tori (our cat) threw up. So that was weird. Then today, I went to the Apple store to figure out what was wrong with my computer and why it was not wanting to be used for windows. The tech told me that my computer was dying. So as I went on with the rest of my day, I realize that it was the same themes from my dreams a few nights ago. So I wonder if I am dreaming about the future or it just happen the way it was suppose to happen.

Had a doctor's appointment on friday and everything is still fine and normal.

Oh yes, I did order a new computer tonight because I really did not want to wait to see how long it was going to take until the computer I am on right now is going to fail.

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