Thursday, March 12, 2009

To Make Things Clear

So I heard rumors the other day that some people were quite disgusted with one of my most recent post. I wanted to make things clear to the viewing public. Yes, this is a public blog and I invite all different readers to it. I invite comments and discussions about it as well. I want people to be engaged about what steps we are doing to make sure that we are starting to live a greener and healthier lives. I am sick and tired of seeing the effects of my actions on the world and I would love to have my child grow up making better decisions about the environment. With that being said, I am not be weird or disgusting or strange. I am being an educated consumer that realizes that I do not have to buy into the machine. I suggested that if you find the information on this blog to be troubling or disturbing in anyway then JUST DO NOT READ IT. Keeping in mind, that you will not be able to find out what is going on in our lives or our child's life if you just dismiss my blog and my honesty as "gross" or "too weird". People should not use these words to define me or my actions. I much rather have people response with they are making educated decisions basis on their own personal lives and issues. There is a deeper reason for my statements on various topics of this blog and if you would like to know more about it, please contact me through my e-mail or in the comments section. Again, I encourage a healthy dialogue on this blog where people should be about to post what their views are and engage in a discussion about it. That being said, there is an anonymous option for the comments as well. Also, if you are too lazy to make a comment on this blog about the post in question then I suggested that you take the time to research the topic. For most "strange" or "weird" topics I have posted, I have provided the links to various other websites to be educated on the topic or posted videos that I suggested you watch later.

This is not an attacked on people to prevent them from viewing my blog or finding out what is going on with our lives. This is our chance to explain our side before we get those random questions of why are you doing this or that. I want people to have the background of these decisions. Also, keeping in mind, this blog is not my personal blog or I intend on sharing a lot of personal things. When I do post something personal about myself, I am doing it to clarify that I am not being a hypocrite with the decisions I am making around our child and not implementing them in my own personal life. If you find the items I am posting about to be "too weird" or "disgusting", then I encourage you to take a good look at your own views about the subject and realize why you might be uneasy with the topic. The last thing in the world I dislike the most is being a hypocrite. Granted, I am not saying I am the most perfect person either but I am making the small steps to become less of a hypocrite in my eyes and hopefully the eyes of my child. The one thing I would hate the most is having my child discover I was a hypocrite in one area or another. Hence, we are trying to make educated decisions in our own lives and in the life of our child. Also, I am not going to be a people pleaser on this blog. I am going to be honest because if I have learn anything from my parents is that honesty is 10x better then telling a lied or not sharing something that I believe that people should be more educated about on that topic.

On a light note, I am going upstairs to beat up my neighbor. Only 2 and half more to prenatal yoga.

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