Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday was the first of two baby showers (that I know about) and it was fun times had by all. We ate great food, had yummy cake and opened up many presents. The hubby was good and supportive and spilled his drink all down the side of my dress. We have a wide range of 3-6 month clothes which is good, long sleeves and short dresses. Fall in Chicago, you need to have both. We got some of the bigger items like monitors, pack-in-play, bath tub and the stroller that rocks. I made a short inventory in my head of what we will still need and I will post that after we move. Speaking of, to all the family members that came, I will do the thank you notes after we move because there is no way I am dealing with that stress right now with all the other stresses I have to do this week. busy busy busy. The hubby and I would still like to thank everyone for coming and for all the lovely gifts. I am pretty sure we will have future pictures of our little one in the clothes, bouncy seat and other items so you can see the little one using it.

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  1. Don't worry - no one would expect thank you notes during your crazy move week and while you're trying to settle in!!!! You guys got SO many wonderful things! And the pictures Aunt Di took turned out great - you and Nick look quite adorable in them :) - we will get them to you soon.
    Grandma Lee