Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let me reintroduce myself

Lately, I have been thinking that maybe I should reintroduce myself for people who have gotten a chance to get to know me lately. I am not going to sit here and tell you about my likes and dislikes in terms of movies, cds and books since they are always changing. I am going to tell you how I have evolve over the last few years and how I would like to raise my child.

I am a feminist. I would like my child to be more gender-queer-equality then myself. I would like my child to go beyond what she is raise in and think beyond my limits that I currently have on myself. I would like my child to be a critical thinker and over think because questioning society and why people do things is a great trait to have. With this, I would like to NOT gender my child by the clothes she wears, toys she plays with, sports she into and etc. I was more of a tomboy and I would like that to happen. But would be completely okay, if she turns out to be a princess.

I am more eco-friendly. I would like my child to be super environmentally friendly and help change the world that they were born into. I would love for my child to be apart of the movement rather then standing back and letting it happen.

I am a liberal. I would like my child to see both sides of the liberal/conservative argument. There is no real side to be on but to understand where both sides are coming from and making a decision based on her own views on the subject matter. There is never a full issue that is black or white. I would like for her to see the world as a whole.

I think about the world's problems and issues. I would like my child to do something about global problems. I would like the books and music she listens to be from diverse cultures. I would not like my child to see everything from one point of view which can not have the fully story.

I have learn so much from my last two years at DePaul and the past two years from being out of school. I am a changing person that will always be questioning why people do the things they do. I will always want a more diverse environment for my child to be raised in and not for her stuff to define her as a person. I am always reminded when there is some huge environmental issue (flood in Fargo), what items would I be okay with losing and what items would I really want to save?

This is just a taste of the world I would like to bring my child into and I am always hoping that my friends and family would support this. I will appreciated any support in making this world possible by the ones who will love my child unconditionally.

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