Thursday, May 28, 2009

you laugh now

In my pre-natal water class, i always get to a point that i have to get up and pee. Being that I am 35 weeks along, one out of two women due in June and drink a lot of water all day long, peeing just becomes habit every hour or so. So we will come to the wall to due wall climbers and my bladder does not like them. So I get up and "run" to the bathroom. Well, I would look down at some of the ladies and they have that smirky little smile on their faces like oh poor girl or at least it is not me. I got back in the pool yesterday and told the girl next to me, that they should "laugh, smirk or have sad eyes" but in a few months they will be in the exact same position that I am in now. Then the teacher always gives me that "I am so sorry look" that we had to due wall climbers and you had to get up and pee. but Oh well.

I have also suffer from my 2nd minor sinus infection this month. oh the joys of spring. how I hate you. best be off.

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