Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Depending how you look

Well, depending how you look at this, the baby will be here in one month so that would be 30 days or so. But on saturday, it will be officially 4 weeks away. So I am going to go with saturday account of it. in terms of how I am feeling, my sinuses need to stop harassing me or I am going to call DCFS on them. They say, if you have allergies then it can get worse with pregnancy. I would fall into the get worse lot.

On lighter note, we have some pretty exciting stuff coming up. We are doing a maternity photo shoot a week from today, plus I am finally getting a hair cut. I will start my weekly dr. appointments next week. The second baby shower is next week. It is more a family get together plus random friends. That should be fun.

The photographer we hired is an old classmate of mine from BHS. Here is her website. Click on life to see the family, pregnancy and other non-wedding work. Love is all the wedding work. She is amazing. She is also doing a newborn, 6 month and year pictures of the little one. I am super excited for it.

Now if i could only breathe, my life would be great. :)

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