Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here is the progress

So the baby's head is too close to my cervix to be able to tell how far effaced or dilated. Has that happen to anyone else? My doctor really did not stress about it too much but she did say that if I get past my due date we might have to start talking about inducing. Next appointment is next tuesday so we will see.


  1. Hey Laurel! I bet that the baby's head is really low, and your cervix is too far posterior (turned toward the back) to reach. Instead of trying to reach it and hurting you, the Dr probably just left well enough alone. Eventually your cervix will come forward (anterior) and she will be able to tell how far dilated/effaced you are. Just my guess...that's what I come across all the time at work!
    Allison 'Schickling' Craig

  2. I can't say that this has happened to me, no. Congrats on the new bebe! (That's the Fat Bastard voice)