Friday, July 10, 2009

Mommy Ran Away

and it felt good. After the hubs got home and we ate dinner and pump, I ran away for an hour. It felt nice. Anyway, Dy is going though a growth spurt. She is being extra cranky, extra needy and eating all the time. She is making me hurt again. I had to call Carol to see how I can stop hurting. The issue is that she will fall asleep just sucking so I have to break the latch and put a pacifier in her mouth. We discover how to get a good night sleep. After I feed her, I have to swaddle her up right away. She will sleep solid for a couple of hours. After her 1 am feeding she will sleep up to 3-4 hours. But right now, she is half ass sleeping on me.

Tomorrow, she is going to be seeing her first great grand parent, my grandpa. it should be super cute with tons of pictures. My grandpa is going to love her to pieces. She is going to melt his heart. I love my grandpa. I hope she will be able to say that about her grandpa one day.

Gdiapers is the best option for us. I really think she did not like the cloth diapers at all. It was a nice try but she is much happier with her diaper changes now then she was with the cloth. We order some more little g pants for her tonight. you can't say I did not give the cloth a try but with how sensitive Nick and my skin is, it is not surprising. I would highly look into gdiapers if you want to do the cloth route. I would still look into cloth but use gdiapers as a back-up option or the 2nd option if cloth does not work for you.

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