Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night 5

We are on Night 5 of Dylan going to bed early. In fact, she went to bed even earlier then we have been putting her to bed. She nurse then felt asleep. She fuss 10 minutes later then knocked out. So I am thinking this is going to stay which means no more visitors or being out past 8pm. Unless you want to just visit with us (right??) We will have a babysitter but we prefer more of daytime outings anyway or at least with movies.

We went to playgroup today as always. Our host, Emily, her husband made the best lunch. He is quite the cook. But the playgroup is sadder now because most of the women had to get back to work. Only a few of us are going to be weekly regulars. Some will pop in and out or try to make it but there will be a core of women who are SAHM/Jobless (oh wait I am the only one jobless) and partimers.

Me tired so me bed. I will have more of an update once we get the pattern down and maybe I wouldn't be so tired by the end of the night. Today was just one of those sleepier days.

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