Tuesday, November 3, 2009

poor d

sometimes I love watching her get mad randomly. she goes from completely fine to pouty lip mad. so sad baby.

She has been going to bed early since the time change. She likes to be in bed when it is dark out and get up later like 6am now. So she will sleep anywhere from 6pm (like tonight) to 6am (like this morning). She likes the dark when she sleeps.

Physical Therapy was okay. She has made great progress from when she got diagnoses at her 2 month but the PT could see that she will need a little improvement. She tilts her head. But overall she is very strong and with a little help she should improve ten fold. We all need to be extra great about having her turn to the left and lay on her left to lift her head to strengthen her right neck muscles. More tummy time. Left side simulation when she is on her back.

Oh yea, did I mention, SHE ROLLED tonight. from her tummy to her back. Just once because afterwards she got mad at me but SHE ROLLED all by herself no help or pushing from me. YAY!!!!

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