Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Yoga

I never get to go to Baby Yoga. That is a Dylan and Daddy activity. By Chance, I got to go to Baby Yoga today. To set this up, Dylan and I have been going to Sky Yoga Studio since Dylan was about 8 weeks old. Miss Emily, the teacher, loves Dylan. If there is one thing to know about Dylan is that she LOVES Baby Yoga. She loves being touched and massaged. This kid would spent her day being massaged. She DOES NOT like being flipped upside down yet. The only people in the class is just her and her daddy. She gets free Spanish Lessons as well. The funny thing about the class is that the techniques are the same thing for when you are just playing with her. There is stuff you would never thing of being steaches for babies that are consider to be apart of the class. I heard rumors that she might start a class in the middle of week again but who knows.

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