Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DuPage Children's Museum

I missed storytime at the library today because someone's nap happened to run late. So I was thinking about stuff to do and now that she is 7 months old, I figure it was about time to go check out the DuPage Children's Museum. I am so happy that I did. We had so much fun today. I have been to the other Children's Museum (Navy (Chicago's) & Kohl's) At Navy/Chicago, I was not all that impressed with the baby area, the toddler area and the rest of it, yes, very impressive. I felt like the Chicago's one baby area was just place there for parents who had babies but also had a 2 1/2 year old in tow as well. At Kohl's, I did not get to see what the baby/toddler area was all about because I had the kids in tow and they were quite older to be hanging out in the baby area.

I heard that you could come to the DuPage Children's Museum and that there is tons of stuff to do with little babies. Well, they are quite right. We had a gay old time. There are 3 sections that are for 2 & under. Most likely starting at 6 months or so once they are sitting. If you have an older child with a baby then I would say tummy time on but for first time parents roughly 6+ months. The sections have everything a crawler/early walker could want in a play area. Tons of soft mats and floor mirrors/ballet bar. Lots of toys. It was very cool.

The other things that a baby may like is the music area that Dylan loved the sounds coming from that room. There was a mini hall of mirrors that was interesting. I like that Dylan could see herself and be entrain by it. The waterworks/bubble area will be nice when she is walking. She could chase the bubbles.

My only real problem with the toddler area was that it was not blocked off like Navy Pier's. So the older kids can come walking right in. Granted, I would not have a problem with this normally but when we were leaving there were some kids that could have hurt poor little Dylan and there was not a parent in sight or an employee. I have no problem with older kids playing in younger kids area only if they are not super wilded like these kids were acting. We were leaving anyway but still, if Dylan was crawling, I would not have like her hand or leg getting stepped on. Sometimes, I so sound like a mom/first time mom.

I think I am going to have a playgroup hang out there in February and we are going to get a membership. For $110, we can bring in up to 2 guest and have admission to over 150 different Children's Museum. That would be nice so we can go to Chicago with friends or Kohls with the kiddos. When we go to Portland, we can check out their museum as well. I had lots of fun and i would go again and again. (if we had a membership of course)

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