Thursday, January 7, 2010

"I flipped Mommy...

And I was not happy about it one bit" So I go to take my shower this morning, I put Dylan in her crib to go to sleep. I get out of the shower and check up on her because she is in there fussing up a storm to find that she is ON HER TUMMY. ON HER OWN. from her back to her tummy. I was so proud of her that I picked her up right away to give her tons of hugs and kisses. Granted she was a crying mess but that was okay because she finally realize that she should flip on to her tummy. So I slinged her to get her to fall asleep in the bedroom. I read for a while (that still did not let me win the reading contest (see facebook status)) and fell asleep myself. We woke up around 12:20pm and realized with the snow and the fact that the roads in our apartment complex still have not been plowed yet, we missed playgroup (boo). So she was fed and happy for about an hour and half then got really fussy wanted to sleep again. So I put her back in her crib to have her fall asleep again then 15 minutes later after some intense screaming, I walked into her room to find that she flipped again. Not only did she flip, she puke all over herself as well. Poor Peanut. So I picked her up, cleaned her off and slinged her again. She slept for awhile but that did not last for no more then an hour tops.

I am so happy that she was flipping on her own. She has all the skills and done it a few times without help from anyone. She just choose not to do that's all. She did not flip when we left her in her bed this evening. Maybe it was the sleeper blanket or maybe she was just really tired but she did it twice. Oh maybe, she just wanted to do things when nobody is around because she is cool like that.

Anyway, does anyone have any helpful suggestions for calming a screaming baby who does not like tummy time? When oh, When will that magical day come where she likes to be on her tummy. Still waiting...

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