Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nerd Alert

So we were suppose to go to the Children Museum today but someone was still a little too sick plus another person fell asleep in their car seat. Instead we were big nerds and went to the 95th st library. Man oh Man, I forgot how much i love that library. It is big with tons of books for adults and children. We sat there with Dylan's bottle and fed her. I found some books in the adult section then I browse the children's section for a bit. I need to spend some quality time on my hands and knees to check out all the kids books they had there. The shelfs are for little ones, not really made for people over 4ft tall. The DVD's are free so we picked up my favorite Sesame Street Eps with Tiny Fey with the Bookaneers. Some Baby Einstein as well for S&G. I love the library. I can only hope that we will instill our daughter to love the library as well.

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