Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Perfect Morning

The little one got up at 6am this morning screeching her little head off. Daddy was so kind enough to get her out of bed because she woke mommy up from a dead sleep that mommy was not really in the mood to get up yet. He brought her into our room like always and feed her the bottle that was prepared. While, mommy still tried to get the last few minutes of sleep. Finally, the milk was gone and mommy was up. Dylan was a happy girl again. She was pleasant and joyful. She hits her daddy with great pride. She rolled around our bed many times. Since, mommy did not need to be at work until 10am she took this opportunity to finish the book she wanted to finish last night. Dylan was not going to have anything of the last 4 chapters of mommy's book so she kicked it until we sat her up. All in All, this morning was a perfect morning and makes me yearn for the day that we can spend the weekends together just chilling in bed relaxing. But at last, by the time this actually happens, someone will no longer be a baby anymore and the perfect morning will be a fleeing thought away.

There will be a new version of a perfect morning then.

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