Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was Easter. I notice that most of my friends on Facebook were wishing a happy easter but a good few had some messages about the Lord, God or so on. That would bring up a great question for us and our family. Should we raise Dylan to be religious? Should we celebrate religious holidays like Easter? Easter is one of those holidays that are very religious. We went to three different families houses for Easter. Everyone of them had their own way of celebrating Easter.

What will be our way? Next year, we might have moved at that point and will be starting our own traditions. Are we going to go to church so she can understand why there are things like Easter and Passover? Should we find out ourselves? I would like her to understand the non-commercial aspect of these holiday (Christmas included) at some point.

Or we could just do nothing at all.

I read a blog post from Adventures in Babywearing about how they do not celebrate Easter at all. I don't think we could not celebrate Easter but I don't think we will get her more then just one item. Or we can turn it into a volunteer opportunity or work our garden (one day...). Perhaps teach Dylan the beauty of nature. Go on a hike, ride our bikes or go to the ocean.

At one point we will start to define our own traditions for our family. But for now, we will enjoy going to three different families all on one day. It was a great day and a great weekend.

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