Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Peanut

Dear My Little Peanut,

I love you very much but I am about to put you up for adoption if you wake up again at 1am tonight. I get that your mouth is hurting, yes, baby that is very sad news to hear. But you are keeping your parents awake with you. They like their sleep and can be better a mommy and daddy if they get to have some of that precious little sleep. Oh, yes, those little things called naps, we would like you take those as well. Only because we get to have more time to sleep or catch up on the sleep that we missed by you waking up at 1 am. Mainly this would be for mommy need for you to take a nap but I hear a rumor today that you did not nap for your grandma as well. You function so much better when you get a full night of sleep and you take some naps. We like to be around you and you are just better to be around. So I hope this discussion will be taken to heart. We love you very much but please just have all your teeth come in at once so we do not have to deal with this again. Thank you.


Your mommy and daddy.

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