Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rambling Mommy Post

Yes, it is the 5th of May and I have written in almost a week. I am tired!! Plain and Simple. Work has been crazy busy and I want nothing to do by the end of the day but to go to sleep.

Things I learned this week: Dylan really doesn't like it when I cry. She cry and gets just as upset when I am crying myself. It was about my missing Court Yard Hounds Cd. I preordered it months ago to get it on Monday and it did not show up. Even though it said it was delivered. I went out to Target to get a new one thanks to a certain Grandma LeeLee for a target gift card.

Speaking of Target, there was a Children's medication recall this week. I am the smarter mom to buy the Target Generic (Tylenol & Mortin) to begin with so we were not effective by the recall. Go Us! It is cheaper anyway and the same thing. It was nice to not sweat this one.

Other then this, we chilled today. Had a very relaxing day. Well needed!

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