Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2009

I woke up feeling extremely crappy, almost fluish in a way. I was just off and so not myself. I had a extremely bad night of sleep with the baby kicking every freaking time with BH. I was getting up to pee every 5 freaking seconds. I went on with my day and got some father day presents for Nick and my father in law. Not my dad. I took a huge long 3 hour nap and still felt like crap. It was not a good day. I skipped my prenatal water class because I had the gut feeling that I just might be in labor, yet did not know it. I went out to the pool for a swim anyway. The only time I was going to get to have time to myself in that pool. I called Nick to tell him that i might be in the early stages of labor and he should be getting home soon. Luckily for me, he was turning the corner to our complex as we spoke. We went out for dinner because that was all I could handle and the grocery shopping can be done tomorrow Thursday night. Boy, that was a mistake. On the Border was the dinner choice. We went to BRU afterwards to get sun shades for the car for the baby and look for a gift for my dad.

After we got home, I really don't remember what we did that night. It must have been all that nervous excitement.

June 17, 2010

I got to sleep in!!! Until 7:00am!! We got up and ready for the day. Our first stop was to hit the MASSIVE sale at The Red Ballon Co. I got tons of really cute 12-18 month clothes and a few 18-24 and one 2T shirt. I love the Tea Collection. She finally took a nap in the car at 11:00am. That little stinker. Naps are optional sometimes. We hit up our last 6-12 month Wiggleworms class, which was a joy. I am going to write that post as soon as I download the pictures into my computer. We got the birthday song and the beatles birthday song.

Daddy took a half day!! Had some lunch then headed to Oak Park for an appointment (my midwife). Took the non napping peanut home. Had some dinner then went swimming.

I did not take any picture today. I just wanted to live in the moment.

I had truly enjoy Dylan's last day of "babyhood". Officially, she becomes a toddler tomorrow. In my book, she will always be a baby. But I will start calling her a toddler once she starts to toddle.

I am truly amazed how much has happen in one year. How it goes from impending parenthood to full on all system go all the time. I think our impulsive decision to have a baby truly worked out for the best. I love my husband even more a year later because I have seen how amazing of a father he has become. In part, I give great credit to his mother for raising a wonderful young boy to an impressive man. He has step it up so much and even more so the last few weeks. I know father's day is not until Sunday but I want to express how much I am impressed by him everyday.

This post is about us and our journey because tomorrow it will be back to being all about Dylan.

We are in the final countdown hours to the big day. I almost do not want to go to bed because I do not want her to turn one tomorrow.

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