Thursday, July 29, 2010

Splash Park Fun!?!

I took a certain little baby over to the splash park on Wednesday with her friends Riley and Zach. She was annoyed with the car ride all the way up to Elmhurst. We went to "The Hub". It was a good half way place from Chicago & Naperville. Zach loved it. He was running all around. He just could not get enough of this fun place. It cost $3 per child if you are not a resident. Not a bad price.

But Dylan's take on it. She hated it. She did not want to walk around or get splash. She just wanted to be held and play with the water at a safe distance. Her safe distance was with mommy a full two feet away. She liked to put her hand in it.

We went to the park next to it. She learned how to climb up a slide and slide down it. The slide was small enough to not do any damage if she fell off. It was good fun had by all. Riley loved crawling up the slide and down it. They both love to crawl around the bridges.

Thursday, we went to another splash park. Again, not fun times had by all. Dylan walked around this time but she still stood there and whine at me. She wanted to be picked up and play with the water at a safe distance. This park was in Woodridge. It was free. it did not have the nice splash pad like the one in Elmhurst.

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