Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shoes, Shoes, SHOES!!!

My life has been taken over by SHOES!!! What size is Dylan's feet? Are we going by American sizes or Europe sizes? Do we buy cheap shoes from Payless or Target? Or do we get the more expensive but better for Dylan's feet shoes? Do I spy on Babysteals, Green Baby Bargains or Mama Baragin?

Well, I have been doing just that. I have caught some really great steals @ (not paid to say this). I was thinking ahead for this upcoming fall and got some really cute fall/winter shoes for our peanut. I figure, Hey, most babies take their time learning to walk and I won't need sandals this summer. Bring on the fall shoes.

I jump on a steal to get one pair of size 4 1/2 & 5 1/2 from a brand called Umi (again, in no part of any of this post, I was paid to tell you the name of the brand or the sites. I just love getting some good steals). Anyway, I got the shoes a few days later and realize that it will be a long while before she wears them. That was back around March or February.

May or June rolls around, another steal with shoes!! Just my luck. It was getting close to walking season and I could use another couple of pairs of fall shoes. This brand was See Kai Run. Another company that runs with European sizing. Oh yea, that is Umi sizing. I measure Dylan's feet and order a size 4 & 5. I figure that would work with fall coming up.

So, she decide to start walking at 12 months with a full on walking by 13 months. Oh, crap. I wasn't going to worry about shoes until she was walking...she is walking. All my shoes are fall styles, not sandals. We went out to the local stride rite to get a professional sizing. She is a 4 1/2 . She should be in size 5 shoe. all my size fours are going to be too small.

I went on to See Kai Run later that night and order some size 5 in sandals. We got them about a week later to discover that they are really too big for her foot but room to grow right. If she really is a size 5 then they will be fitting soon right?

Not so fast. Today, we went into Clarks to look around. The lady said, that her shoes were too big for her feet. I told her what happen at Stride Rite then she told me that they measure feet using the American sizing standard. They were European sizing and we measure Dylan's feet. They turned out to be a 3 1/2. What a difference. Now that I thought about it, See Kai Run & Umi (size 4) totally should be fitting her now because they were the right size all along.

Now there was a reason why I hate shoe shopping. Oh well, I did buy her a pair of more sandal like shoes for the rest of the summer.

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