Monday, September 27, 2010


Here this week, we are on vacation. Okay, just me and Dylan. Okay, just me. My mom is on the real vacation while I am on a staycation. I have heard of those things. Well, it will be the week where I will finally start getting some stuff done around here. Like starting my scrapbook that I brought supplies for a few weeks ago. Adding patches onto Dylan's orange and vanilla gdiapers. Going to the eye doctor (did that one this morning and got my eyes dilated). Taking Dylan for her 15 month check up. Hanging out with friends old and new. Getting the oil changed. Writing in the blog. Updating the Barefoot Books pages. Watching all the felicity and other recorded shows off the DVR. Going to the Lion King on friday for our big 6 year anniversary. Having a weekend to spend with my family. Going to the Pumpkin Patch. Taking dylan to her first concert, Elizabeth Mitchell. Seeing the Jim Henson exhibit.

What else?

I think we have a very busy week ahead of us.


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