Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How big are you now??

We are sitting at 21lbs 11oz (give or take the ounces since she had a clean cloth diaper on and had not poop for the day), 31 inch in height and 17 7/8 inches around the head. Height jumped up there and weight is still moving along quite nicely. In height alone, we should be moving out of Gap and Gymboree 12- 18 month clothes because they only go up to 31 inches. But in weight and in baggyness of the clothes, we will stay in 12-18 months until winter hits. Let's hope that she does not have another growth spurt soon or we might be in 2T clothes before we know it.

Other then her measurements everything else is quite fine. She is developing quite nicely. We don't have to worry about that whole juice thing because we don't give her any. We can flip her car seat around. That will be nice for her. We gave her the vaccinations that she needed but no flu shot. We are not a flu shot family. We are really careful not to get sick ourselves. Besides how is Dylan suppose to have a heathy immune system if we give her vaccinations for the flu.

it was a good day with a late nap included.

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