Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For the last few weeks, I realize that we need a better storage system for Dylan's toys. Not that we have many and not that we plan on having a tons of toys. But I had been reading about how little one like to have small baskets filled with one type of toy. A small basket of balls, blocks or wooden toys is far better then a huge catch all basket.

So I had been stopping in the land of nod and ikea lately, just to check on what products they had in the store. I had the idea of getting something that I could put baskets in and still be low enough for Dylan to get into the baskets.

Today, I walked into the Land of Nod Outlet and discover exactly what I had been looking for in the storage system.

Perfect!! Granted it is white but it was $189 compare to buying it new at $349. There was another option that I liked which was more of the style I was originally thinking about getting at first.

But I like how the white one had 8 cube hole instead of 6 cube holes. Besides I feel like we could get more use out of the white one as the years go by. The 6 cube bookcase was $10 more dollars then the 8 cube.

We also picked up.

In a natural wood color for $20. Nice!!

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