Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Girl Meiborg

So It looks like there is about a 90% chance of our child being a girl. She was being super stubborn and did not want to show us. She was sitting beach so it was going to make the ultrasound tech unsure about the gender. But yes, she move around at the end of the appointment and the tech was able to make a educated guess that she was a girl. She said that there was nothing sticking out so she is a she. But yes, our child is totally our child. She was stubborn and shy. She did not want to move when the tech need to take certain measurements and pictures. We both had to move her around. I moved my body and the tech move the slide thingy. Then once the appointment was ended she decide to make herself known and stop being so shy. That is how the tech figure out she was a girl. So I have my monthly appointment this Friday and we will go over any findings. But also, the tech said, that she was looking very healthy and no signs of trouble. All good all around.

So now, I am going to making this blog live to all the friends and family today. I will be posting the ultrasound pictures after I get back from yoga and going to throw in the 20 week prego photo as well. So I am not forgetting but yoga starts in about an hour and I still have to get dress.

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