Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big News

So today, we get to see the baby and find out if it is healthy or not. Oh yea, and we get to find out the sex hopefully. Baby, be good for mommy and daddy so we can tell grandma.

We had our 2nd childbirth prep class this past Sunday. It was really good. We watch a few more births. Kinda surreal watching a baby come out of a woman but you know it had been happening for thousands of years. Little freaked still. But hopefully, that will past as time goes by.

I don't know, I just cannot focus on anything today due to the ultrasound in a few hours. So hopefully, after 3pm or so, I will be revealing everything and the blog will be public for the family.

This is the place to go for updates on the pregnancy, baby, baby showers, videos, pictures and random shares I want to have with you all about the baby.

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