Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The little one is sleeping right now in her pack in play. So it will give me a chance to tell you all about the first few days of her life.

She has officially made her daddy a daddy. She peed on him and split up on him. This morning when he went to change her diaper, she decided to poop all over the mat. It was a great thing. Two poops today. Go Dylan. She has not poop she we got home from the hospital. She has been doing great with the pees but not the poops until today. But the score is Dylan 2, Nick 0.

We have been having breastfeeding issues. It is a combination of being a late-pre-term baby, sore nipples, lack of sucking, supply and demand issues. So we saw a lactation consultant yesterday and hopefully that will put us back in track. We were doing so well up until monday. It also did not help that we had so many nurses telling us what was right or wrong and one nurse that was just a jerk. I have to feed her at least every 3 hours. So as long as she is getting 8 feeding within 24hr, she will be fine. What doesn't come out of me has been supplemented with formula and a bottle. She is the one helping us. She bills our insurance and she is a master at her craft. FYI

We saw the pediatrician yesterday as well. So Dy is doing good. She had gain one oz from her discharge weight. It was just a check-in type of appointment due to the fact that I did not deliver at Edwards so they had to make sure she was okay. She is going to have her full check up on the 2nd. She gets a little jaundice at times but it clears up almost right away.

Okay she is waking up. So I will post more later. In the meantime, flick was updated.

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